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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dinner at flaming grills

Just has dinner with my sister at Flaming Grills.

My sister gave me a belated birthday treat. It's been a long time since we last met so it was wonderful chatting. So much to talk about

We're 6 years apart. As kids, that was a huge age gap. She was always my baby sister.

Now, at times, she seems like my older wiser sister who is sensible and whom I love dearly.

At times I feel so alone, but when we meet, I have a dear sister I can lean on. Even when I feel like my life is collapsing

Yes, I have God with me and my loving Father sends people to encourage me when I feel down

Enough whining . Back to the food which was utterly amazing . That was one super tender thick anson beef steak. Juicy, tasty and smooth.

I polished off every bit if it, including the fat. The gravy was the icing on this delightfully sumptuous meal.

I had cream if spinach soup with was light and palatable, even to this carnivore

Even the sides , the char grilled corn was perfect, I think it was seasoned with some spice that made it totally delectable.

Every bite was pure ecstasy.

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