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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Beef steak at Hans

Pay day. Treat Ian to a set meal at Hans. I was craving beef so I went for the beef steak. Medium well but turned out well done.

Hans set meals are value for money. For $15 I get a steak set with soup of the day, dessert and a drink

The creamy tomatoish soup was tasty enough . Dessert was a half peach with the syrup it was canned in. Orange drink on ice.

The steak was ok. Not fantastic though but good enough. Tender Tasty but the meat was.. Somewhat lacking.. Maybe I should have ordered medium rare instead

Saturday, 23 June 2012


On a day so hot the heat triggered a headache, a bowl of ice chendol was a welcome sight.

In this bowl, there's killney beans , green jelly that's a tad salty and attap chee, covered in coconut milk. A mountain of ice shavings go on top if the concoction that is topped with gula Melaka liquid.

It tastes better all mixed up when the sweet brown syrup mixes with coconut milk and the rapidly melting ice for an excellent thirst quencher .

Nice :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nonya dumplings

Mom gave me some home made nonya bak chang - rice dumplings made nonya style.

This Chinese delicacy is seasoned tender meat, sweet and salty, with a blend of spices, wrapped in glutinous rice and then wrapped in pandan leaves into the shape of a pyramid.

I had one for breakfast. Delicious!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sky ride for the acrophobic

I'm in Sentosa relaxing by the beach after going up the sky ride and down the luge.

Snuck that shot past my photo bombing son ;)

The sky ride's interesting. I like the way they automated the luge ride with the sky ride. You take the sky ride up the hill, together with the luge bikes..

Then you take the luge like a speedster riding down the winding road back to the start of the Sky ride

I got on the sky ride with my son. When my feet were dangling way above the tree tops, I remembered my fear of heights. Clung to the safety bar tighter than ever while my son enjoyed the joy ride. After a while I got used to it. The view was fantastic.

Then came the fun part. The luge. Both hands were needed to control to ride so couldn't take photos but speeding down that winding road was awesome.

3 rounds up the sky ride and down the luge. Then we met my hubby and older son for a picnic at the beach.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dinner at flaming grills

Just has dinner with my sister at Flaming Grills.

My sister gave me a belated birthday treat. It's been a long time since we last met so it was wonderful chatting. So much to talk about

We're 6 years apart. As kids, that was a huge age gap. She was always my baby sister.

Now, at times, she seems like my older wiser sister who is sensible and whom I love dearly.

At times I feel so alone, but when we meet, I have a dear sister I can lean on. Even when I feel like my life is collapsing

Yes, I have God with me and my loving Father sends people to encourage me when I feel down

Enough whining . Back to the food which was utterly amazing . That was one super tender thick anson beef steak. Juicy, tasty and smooth.

I polished off every bit if it, including the fat. The gravy was the icing on this delightfully sumptuous meal.

I had cream if spinach soup with was light and palatable, even to this carnivore

Even the sides , the char grilled corn was perfect, I think it was seasoned with some spice that made it totally delectable.

Every bite was pure ecstasy.