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Saturday, 23 June 2012


On a day so hot the heat triggered a headache, a bowl of ice chendol was a welcome sight.

In this bowl, there's killney beans , green jelly that's a tad salty and attap chee, covered in coconut milk. A mountain of ice shavings go on top if the concoction that is topped with gula Melaka liquid.

It tastes better all mixed up when the sweet brown syrup mixes with coconut milk and the rapidly melting ice for an excellent thirst quencher .

Nice :)


  1. Must be differnt ingredients in chendol, in Penang, home make chendol is still green bean flour chendol with shave ice and Gula Melaka spoon over the shave ice! YUM

  2. Must try the Penang version. Sounds good :)
    Singapore version, just additional ingredients.