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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Katong laksa

Why is it all the laksa shops in Katong are called Katong laksa?

Ian and I walked down the streets of Katong at sunset. That's where we started dating almost 2 decades ago. Kids were home. We abandoned them. :p

Anyway, we were looking for food that's good and cheap. There's lot to eat in Katong if you're willing to spend. But not us. We're broke. What's affordable and yummy?
Katong is so famous for laksa, you see store after store selling laksa and otak, each proclaiming that they're the famous Katong Laksa store.

What's laksa without the chilli or sambal that goes without it?

We settled down at one of the Katong Laksa stores for a bowl of laksa each. Laksa is an asian dish that consists of the thick round noodles in spicy coconut gravy with prawns and cockles.

Here's what's left of mine, by the time I remembered to take photographs. :p

Still got a long way to go before I can be a proper food blogger. Need to remember to shoot before eating.

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