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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Euroasian food

I'm in a coffee shop at ubi ave 3 waiting for my mouthwateringly delicious striploin steak from m2cuisine, a shop that specializes in euro asian food.
The store owners are friendly . Their accent is vaguely familiar. Exactly like my late grandpa's a 3rd generation straits born Chinese, aka peranakan.
The food tastes exactly like grandpa's cooking .uncanny. Peranakans embraced the British culture too . We speak English as well as a kind of Malay mixed with toneless Chinese
Grandpa loved a good steak. As do I. My food just came. I'm going to tuck in . Steak with veggies in teriyaki sauce. With that x factor that makes it a class above the rest.

I had a chat with the owners. Guess what, they're peranakan too :) That's why the food had that distinct straits born taste. It's in the marinade. Their secret recipe.

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