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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mom's cheese cake

Since I was a little girl, I loved my mom's cheese cake. As a teen, she taught me to make it too though I've forgotten the recipe. It's been years since I moved out and had the time to bake.

The cheese cake starts with a crumbly biscuit base. I remember smashing Marie biscuits with the mortar and pestle years ago. Til this day I prefer that to the blender. The rhythmic pounding is therapeutic to me.

Next comes the cheese cream base. Philadelphia cream cheese if I remember correctly, dissolved gelatin in hot water, I think. Memory gets fainter with time. If I don't write about it I will forget altogether one day.

After the 2 layers have been firmed in the fridge, on goes slices of canned peaches followed by dissolved jelly crystals.

Refrigerate and serve cold.

Delicious. Mom still makes these and my kids love it too!

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