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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lunch at Killiney's

Our favourite wan ton mee coffee shop was packed, so we walked on and found Killiney's

There was some air con, that much needed cool air in the headache inducing heat. And there were seats.

Many things have changed in Singapore. Old favourite coffee shops replaced with swankier eateries. The Siglap market is gone. In its place, cold storage.

My hubby had his favourite curry chicken knowing very well his stomach would kill him later for it.

I had to have my Penang char kway teow. Lard and all, diet begins tomorrow like they always say. Hey what happened to my cockles ?

Next time I'll order my own instead of letting my well meaning hubby order for me :p I can eat cockles and still live, ok?

Not bad. Though like any nonya would say, my family does it better ;)

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